How much does a wedding planner cost in Tuscany? Rates and prices of a wedding planner for a wedding in Tuscany

Apr 19, 2023 | Blog

How much does a wedding planner cost? This is one of the topics that arouses the most interest in future bridal couples, because everyone would like a similar service to organise their wedding, but the fact that the expense can be high, scares them!

First of all, we want to specify that there is not a price list of “wedding planners”. The wedding planner does not have a fixed cost, it depends on the type of service requested, the assistance provided, the presence on one or more days of the wedding and the chosen period.

The price for a wedding planner can seem a lot because you don’t think about everything that is included in the amount. If you are wondering how much a wedding planner costs, read on and we will explain why it can be important to hire one!

What does a wedding planner actually do?

Before going into how much a wedding planner costs, it is important to understand what activities are involved in managing and organising a wedding.

The first task of a good wedding planner is to organize the wedding of your dreams, thus respecting the budget established by the couple, without making you give up anything. The work of the wedding planner starts with the research and selection of all suppliers from the wedding venue, it continues with the analysis of quotes, identifying the most suitable professional for you based on what they offer and at what cost, and concludes with the management and coordination of your wedding day.

Describing in a few lines the entire work of 12 months of a wedding planner is impossible, but you just need to know that for each wedding you need about 20 suppliers to make the wedding of your dreams come true.

If you want to know in detail what we can do for you as wedding planners, send us an email to to receive our presentation. 

Does the wedding planner save you money?

Believe it or not, the wedding planner saves you money and time! First of all, the wedding planner helps you comply with the budget without spending unnecessary money, but above all, having a wide network of contacts, not only does she save you months of research, but she also finds the suppliers more suitable to your spending capacity and that will reserve you special prices. 

How much does a wedding planner cost on average?

Let’s start with the assumption that each wedding planner as a professional sets its own rates and can decide whether to get a percentage fee, compared to the budget of the event, or a fixed fee, according to the service requested. 

Therefore, it is difficult to define the average cost of a wedding planner! But we can give an indicative range of price that a real, and we repeat, true professional can ask for a complete wedding planning service: considering all the months of work required (usually 10/12 months before the wedding, at most 6 months before) it starts from an average cost of about 2500 euros  to increase according to the requests and needs of the couple. 

Find out how much a wedding planner costs and why it can be an advantage to hire one

What does the wedding planner service include?

The cost of a wedding planner covers about 10/12 months of work and, as we always say, do not look at the total amount, but divide it for all the months of work to understand why hiring a wedding planner saves you time and money! The cost of the service includes meetings, video calls and unlimited phone calls, on-site inspections, the search for suppliers for the wedding, the study of style and design of the wedding and much more!

Remember that planning a wedding is complex: it does not mean making some calls and setting the date, but behind the planning of an event there is so much attention…

How much does the partial wedding planning or coordination service cost?

When we talk about a partial wedding planning service, or the so-called wedding coordination, the wedding planner and coordinator will take care of the management of the wedding starting from a few months before the event. Usually, we talk about a partial wedding planning service when the couple has already chosen the date and some supplier, but they need the wedding planner to take care of some aspects of the wedding, such as finding the missing vendors and taking care of the wedding management.

We talk about wedding coordination starting from about 2 or 3 months before the event, when the couple has chosen all (or almost) the suppliers, but needs the wedding planner to manage and coordinate the team of suppliers and the day of the event.

Even in this case there is no default cost for this service, but we can say that the average base cost for the partial wedding planning service is about 2000 euros to increase according to the needs of each couple. 

How much does a day of wedding coordination cost? 

You have decided to organize your wedding on your own without anyone’s help, but we always ask one question…”while you’re at the altar wearing your beautiful wedding dress one step away from saying yes, who’s going to take care of your wedding day?” The coordination service is the must-have that each bride definitely needs on her wedding day!

After having studied the organization of your wedding, the wedding will take care of the management and coordination of your wedding day, starting from about two weeks before the event, thus guaranteeing that everything proceeds according to plan. There is not a default cost for each professional, but the average cost for the day of coordination of the wedding is about 1000 euros.

How much does a wedding planner cost per hour?

You don’t want to hire a wedding planner, but you need some advice from a professional about the planning of your wedding: the consulting service is what you need! On average, the hourly rate for a consultation of a wedding planner starts from about 80 euros up to 200 euros per hour or for more hours. 

What questions do you need to ask before hiring a wedding planner?

So, now that you have found out how much a wedding planner costs, it is time to figure out what questions to ask her before you start working together. Choose well to whom to entrust the organization of the most important day of your life!

First of all, you need to ask for a first introductory meeting (even better in person or through video call) to understand if the wedding planner is perfect for you! One of the fundamental elements to choose the best wedding planner is to understand if there is a great understanding and empathy: your first meeting will be a way to see if you like the professional as a person, and especially if the planner conveys confidence! We can suggest you three questions to ask a wedding planner during your first meeting:

  • How do you communicate with couples?
  • Will you be present on the wedding day?
  • For the wedding planning and coordination services, will you give us a contract to be signed?
  • How does the payment for your service work? 

When you meet someone who calls himself as a “professional” wedding planner, but offers you a service well below average, in that case ask yourself some questions before choosing it! A true professional, to sell his service does not need to “sell out” to acquire new customers, but rather knows how to sell to new customers!!


We are Chiara & Silvia, two wedding planners and coordinators from Prato, near Florence. We are here to manage and organize your wedding and your event in Tuscany.

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