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Would you like to plan a baby party for your child? Do you want to organise a private party or corporate team building event? As event planner in tuscany, we do event organisation and can make your every moment unforgettable.

Chiara e Silvia si occupano di organizzazione eventi in Toscana come baby party, feste private ed eventi aziendali
Event organisation in Tuscany

Let us make your events unique

Chiara e Silvia si occupano di organizzazione eventi in Toscana come baby party, feste private ed eventi aziendali

In everyoneโ€™s life there are many occasions that are worth celebrating, but to make these dates unforgettable, it is essential to plan every moment with the attention to detail we strive for.

Every special event should represent who you are and what you want: your ideas will be the starting point for finding the perfect location in our Tuscany for your party.

Whether it is a private or a professional event, we will be at your side to make your celebration a truly memorable experience for you and your guests. Our team will have a single goal: the organisation of unique and tailor-made events in Tuscany.

Do you want to achieve something unforgettable?

children events in Tuscany

Baby Party Planner

Would you like to organise a baby shower? Want to plan the perfect christening or first birthday? They all represent special moments in the life of children that deserve to be remembered.

As event planner in Tuscany, we at Aries Weddings & Events will design every aspect of the entire thematic set-up of your party, turning a simple celebration into an unforgettable event for young and old alike.

private events in Tuscany

Private parties

Not sure how to organise a private event in Tuscany? From birthdays to theme parties, from graduations to anniversaries, each of these events must be the perfect mix of fun, creativity and uniqueness.

The organisation of an event starts with your idea and ends when the last guest has left the party. Always remember that you will be the protagonist!

corporate events in tuscany

Team Building

Involving the work team in experiential learning and fun activities, so that they can share their time, is the secret to improving business performance.

Why organise a team building event in Tuscany? This area offers ideal locations and outdoor, culinary, and experiential activities, ideal for creating a true dream team! We guarantee that you will experience something more unique than rare.