Are you a foreign couple or do you live in another region of Italy and wish to organise a dream wedding? With Aries Weddings & Events organising your elopement or destination wedding in Tuscany will be possible.

Why choose a wedding planner?

Organizing a wedding requires a great commitment, but above all it requires a lot of time that, nowadays, is increasingly difficult to find in your daily life, full of family and work commitments. The search for the church and the location, the choice of suppliers necessary for the success of the event, are all activities that the future couple could carry out independently, but we ask you a question: once you find the suppliers, do you have all this time to manage everything?
To look for the church and the location, choose the dress, study the floral arrangement and evaluate the catering, time never seems to be enough.
The wedding planner relieves the bride and groom of the burden of organization and the worries that every couple has in facing an experience that is new and unknown to them. Whatever the needs of the bride and groom, the wedding planner knows how to answer every question and will be able to realize the customer’s wishes by building step by step “their” dreamy wedding.

Who’s the wedding day coordinator?

The professional figure of the wedding day coordinator is fundamental for the success of your event. Until someone grants you the gift of ubiquity, if you are on the altar waiting to pronounce the fateful “Yes” you cannot at the same time control that everything proceeds according to your plans. Deciding to entrust the management of your wedding day to the coordinator is the best choice that every couple can make to enjoy every moment of their special day without thoughts and worries.

Will you be present on the day of the event?

Absolutely yes, we will be present on the day of your event. Whether as planner or just as coordinators we will work behind the scenes, and even if you do not notice our presence we will be there to make your day perfect by checking that everything goes according to plan.

Do you work exclusively with some suppliers or do you also work with suppliers proposed by customers?

We have trusted suppliers with whom we have been working for a long time, but we do not have any exclusivity obligations, indeed, we are happy to know and collaborate with new suppliers proposed by our customers.

Do you have a price list?

Of course, we have a range of prices for each type of service requested, but we prefer to draw up a customized quote after having carefully analyzed your needs, in order to communicate the exact price that our service requires.

Is the wedding planner an unnecessary expense?

Yes, the wedding planner is an expense, but it is not an unnecessary expense!
Vi sveliamo un segreto: noi vi aiuteremo ad ottimizzare il budget dell’evento e addirittura a risparmiare! We’ll tell you a secret: we’ll help you optimize your event budget and even save money! Thanks to our experience, professionalism, and knowledge in the field, we have access to discounted rates, precisely because we know the products well and we also have our trusted suppliers ready to guarantee quality at favorable prices.

Do you offer these extra services only to your customers?

No, the extra services we offer are not only aimed at our customers, but also to all those who, having already organized their event, need gadgets, wedding favors, thematic corners and other settings or small personalized gifts, to add a magical touch to the whole. For any request, you can contact us directly at our email address info@ariesweddingstuscany.com or fill in the form on our website in the “contacts” section.

Why does the event planner help you save money?

Many of you are probably wondering, “If you have to pay for the event planner, how can you save money?” We can guarantee you that!
The aspects to consider during the organization of an event are many, and thanks to our experience and our consolidated partnerships with some suppliers in the sector that reserve us favorable prices for our customers. The final economic savings will surprise you, try to believe!
Remember that organizing an event is not a job for everyone! Very often, corporate events are entrusted to marketing professionals who have neither the time nor the specific skills and this task can turn into a real nightmare. In these cases our external support can be a real salvation!

Who’s the wedding coordinator?

You have already chosen the wedding day, the location and all (or almost all) suppliers. But are you sure that everything is ready and set? Who will manage your event, so you can live every single moment? The professional figure of the wedding coordinator is the one that will help you manage the timing, drawing up a detailed timeline of your special day and coordinating the chosen suppliers. The event coordinator will be the person who can make you enjoy your wedding without worries and anxieties, making you the undisputed protagonists of that day.

What’s the difference between total wedding planning and wedding coordination?

You are a couple with little time available, immersed in work and personal commitments; you want to get married, but you do not know when and above all how to manage every aspect of your marriage. In this case, the total wedding planning service is just what you need. The figure of the wedding planner will then take care of planning in the months before with maximum attention to each phase of your event, and he/she will coordinate the same, following your wishes and budget, finally realizing what you have always dreamed of.
If you are a couple with a clear idea and have already chosen all or a part of the suppliers for your event, and above all you want to get to that day without anxiety and stress, the coordination service is perfect for you. Whether it is a coordination starting from three months before, or just for the day of the event, the wedding coordinator will be your reference figure to whom you will entrust the organization of timing and logistics, will then manage the team of suppliers, making sure everything is as planned.

When should I contact the wedding planner?

It depends on which service you choose:

Total planning of the event: at least 10-12 months before the special day, so that the wedding planner will be present in every phase of the organization;

Partial event coordination: at least 5-6 months before the special day, so that the wedding planner has time to analyze and get to know the suppliers chosen, and if necessary select the remaining;

Coordination only for the day of the event: 1-2 months before the special day, especially to block the date of your wedding and ensure our presence.

How can we arrange a first meeting?

You can fill in the appropriate form that you find in the “contact” section of our website, by entering your data and your request. You will then be contacted by us to arrange a first free meeting to get to know you and understand your needs, so that we can formulate an offer tailored to you.

What if we don’t have an idea of the budget?

Do not worry. Our first meeting is meant to understand not only your needs, but also your spending capacity. We will help you to better understand the amount of budget and the investments needed for the success of the event.

Do you offer extra services?

Yes, we take care of the realization of extra services created ad hoc for each event, such as: the creation of gadgets and favors for guests, the design of thematic corners and so on. These are additional services that we offer upon request of our customers but also for all of you who need to give a touch of personalization to your event.

In addition to weddings, do you organize and/or coordinate other types of events?

Of course! We are also event planners and coordinators precisely because we love any kind of event. We specialize in the organization of private events such as christenings, baby showers, birthday parties, theme parties and corporate events. As an event planner we will be your point of reference! Our goal is to make your event unique and exclusive, helping you save time and money.

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