Where it begins…

With Aries Weddings & Events you can experience the moments leading up to your wedding day in a special way. From marriage proposals to bachelorette or bachelor parties…
Organise a pre-wedding party in Tuscany and enjoy unforgettable experiences.

Would you like to organise a special wedding proposal in Tuscany? Organise a pre-wedding party in Tuscany with Aries Weddings & Events
Pre-wedding party in Tuscany

Wedding proposal: the perfect way to your “Yes”

The wedding proposal is the first step that marks the beginning of your lives together. It is a magical, unique and evocative moment that needs expert eyes to take care of every detail to perfection.

We can help you create the right atmosphere to surprise your loved one and discover the best places for a wedding proposal in Tuscany.

Wedding proposal in Tuscany

How we will help you impress your partner

Tell us your story. Tell us about your partner. We will help plan the perfect proposal.

Let's search and choose together the perfect wedding proposal location in Tuscany to surprise your better half.

We will organize everything in every detail: from the background music to the floral scenery, your dream proposal.

Everything will be tailored to you and your partner. The perfect setting for them to say “Yes”.

Pre-wedding party in Tuscany

An unforgettable pre-wedding day

While marriage is one of the most important moments to share with all the people you love, there is one occasion that only happens once in a lifetime and must be celebrated by the bride and groom: the pre-wedding day.

The bachelorette party and the bachelor party are both a moment that newlyweds deserve to celebrate separately, together with close friends, and that symbolically marks the end of an era and the beginning of a life together.

But what to do the day before the wedding? And how to organise a perfect bachelor or bachelorette party in Tuscany?

Bachelor and bachelorette party in Tuscany

How to organise a special bachelor or bachelorette party

Whether it is a day or a weekend, we will plan a number of experiences to share where there will be only one rule: the bride or groom will be treated like royalty.

What ideas for a bachelor or bachelorette party? Whether it is a horseback ride in Maremma or a walk with alpacas in the province of Siena, what matters is that the entire bachelorette or bachelor party reflects the tastes of the future bride and groom.

Together with yourselves, friends, and family, we will decide the activities to do, the location where to stay and the settings to create the perfect mood for your event.

It will be one of the most beautiful experiences of your life, full of fun and above all… emotions!