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Want to realise your dream? Aries Weddings & Events deals with coordination and wedding planning in Tuscany and can help you create what you have always wanted.

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Discover the advantages of relying on the service for wedding planning in Tuscany and the passion and care of Aries Weddings & Events. Making your special day unique
is our greatest satisfaction.

You dream of an unforgettable wedding, the perfect wedding, but you do not have enough time to truly do your dreams justice.

You want to live every moment of your special day without any worries.

You are looking for professionals that guarantee you the highest quality service, optimizing your budget.

You want a wedding that represents you in every detail.

Wedding Planning in Tuscany

What does a Wedding Planner do

Rendi il tuo matrimonio in Toscana perfetto con il servizio di wedding planning in Toscana di Aries Weddings & Events

Your idea is our starting point. We will take care of all stages of wedding planning, giving life to a project specifically tailored to you and to your budget. We will be there for you at all times, and we will guarantee that on your special day everything is as you have always imagined and deserved.


Ceremonial Organisation

With our service for wedding planning in Tuscany, we will help you find the ideal wedding venue and create the atmosphere you want. Whether it is a civil, catholic, or symbolic ceremony, we will help you prepare all the necessary documentation and choose your officiant, the voice that can best represent your vows.

Location scouting

We will select for you the most beautiful wedding locations in Tuscany that best suit your needs and the style of your event. The choice of location is the most important initial decision, and it is essential to consider some logistical aspects. We will help you through every decision.

Budget management

Relying on a wedding planner means saving money. We will succeed in organizing your event without neglecting any detail, thus respecting the budget established by yourselves.

Selection and management of suppliers

The success of an event is the sum of the work by a team of experts and skilled collaborators. It will be our job to select the best suppliers which meet and satisfy your dreams, realizing the moments you have always dreamt of.

Do you want to make your wedding day an unforgettable event? Rely on our service of Wedding Planning in Tuscany.

Wedding Coordinator in Tuscany

What is Wedding Coordination

Here are Chiara and Silvia, wedding planners from Prato in Tuscany, during the organisation of a wedding

Everything is set! Venue, catering, florist, photographer, and the rest of the team, but you are wondering “How can we take care of the entire organization, and at the same time enjoy every moment of our special day?”

That day is for you and your families to enjoy and not worry.

The wedding coordination service is the answer to your question, and it is what distinguishes a good event from an unforgettable one. The success of your wedding depends on every experience, therefore, we carefully plan every single moment of the event.

which wedding coordination service is best for you

A few months before

The wedding coordination service starts a couple of months before the wedding, following an acquaintance meeting with the future bride and groom. Together we will analyze the aspects of the ceremony and reception, to best manage the locations and the timings, and to coordinate the supplies.

We will draw up a detailed timeline for you and your suppliers, which we will follow so that everything is carried out to your desires and within your established timeframes to guarantee an excellent service without mishaps. On that day, we will welcome guests, manage suppliers and be your point of reference.

That special day

As wedding coordinators in Tuscany, we will be the directors of the wedding day. Your job is to live every emotion of the most important day of your life, our job is to everything goes according to plan and schedule, relieving you from all stress.

We will plan the schedule of your wedding, ensuring that every detail is followed.

We will be there, by your side, for the entire duration of the event to manage and deal with every request from your guests as they make your day extra special. We will also deal with any additional needs of your suppliers.

Totally enjoy your wedding and organise an unforgettable event!
Choose a service of wedding coordination in Tuscany.

Wedding Stylist & Designer in Tuscany

What are Wedding Styling and Design

Contatta Aries Weddings & Events che organizzazione eventi e matrimoni in Toscana

Lights, color palettes, invitations, tableau de mariage, flowers…it will look stunning! Have you wondered what you would like the guests to remember about this important day?

The uniqueness and originality of any great event comes from careful creative inspiration, which is why care for aesthetics is a fundamental prerogative of wedding planning. Just as a haute couture tailor prepares customised suits, we as wedding stylists and wedding designers will create just for you ‘a tailor-made suit’ that will give your event an unforgettable look.

Your guests will have a pleasant experience, enveloped in a dreamlike atmosphere. This is one of the most important phases of the organization because it allows you to define every element which will contribute to creating the fil rouge of your special day.

Choosing the theme and the colors for you wedding

Nothing should be left to chance. Every detail is an essential part of a design and should capture your essence. There are plenty of details to think about, so, where to start? Let’s begin with the creation of a personalized Mood Board comprising a series of images and colors to be inspired by, so as to give life to the style of your wedding from the very beginning.

Creating a bespoke graphic

Style, elegance, and attention to detail are the ingredients for the creation of a perfect design for your event. Before setting up, it is important to think about a coordinated graphic design that will represent you: there is nothing better than ingredients exclusively for you.

Therefore, we will give you a tailored Wedding Suite that shall be consistent with the style of your event.

Floral inspiration and light design

From the choice of the bouquet to the entire decoration of the perfect backdrop, wedding flower arrangements are one of the fundamental aspects to give character to your event.

Together we will decide the forms, the fabrics, and the varieties of flowers that match your taste. Depending on when you celebrate your wedding, another aspect that should not be overlooked is wedding lights, wedding lighting, which can make the event truly unique.

An aspect we will tailor to your desires.

Assistance in preparing for the ceremony and reception

Whether you have clear ideas or you don’t know where to start, we will help you choose the colors and the themes that best suit you. We will find original, innovative, and tailored solutions so you can tell your story.

Every detail of your wedding project will be in perfect harmony with each other.

Make your wedding unique and original! Theme, colours, flowers and lights… Everything in perfect harmony. Request information for Wedding Styling and Design in Tuscany.