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The wedding bag is a new trend originating in the United States but which has come to us for some time now. But what exactly is it? Why make a wedding bag and how can we best organise it? Let’s see together how to make a wedding bag for your wedding.

Una wedding bag realizzata da Aries Weddings & Events

Have you ever heard about wedding bag? For some time now, there has been a tendency to prepare this little gift dedicated to guests. But what exactly is a wedding bag? Quite simply, as the name itself indicates, it is a small bag containing wedding gadgets to be given to guests to make their participation in the event more enjoyable – and why not, in some cases, fun.

Whether it is a civil, symbolic or religious ceremony, these bags are usually placed on the chairs of the ceremony or arranged at the entrance of the rite, so that guests can enjoy the content. Alternatively, if the spouses choose gadgets to use during lunch or dinner, the bags will be placed near the reception area and the tableau de mariage.

There are various types, so it is essential to choose the one that best suits the style and context of the wedding: texture, colour and shape are the first things you need to think about. Once these first three details have been chosen, we come to the most fun part: choosing the contents and filling your wedding bag by customising it!

What to put inside a wedding bag?

The gadgets to put/insert inside the wedding bag are so many to lose your mind! So, how to choose the most suitable content, without exaggerating, and remaining faithful to the context of marriage? The first question to ask yourself is what your guests might need to spend time in full serenity. It will therefore be essential to think about the time of year and the time of the day the celebration of your wedding will take place.

Here is how wedding bags can be arranged during the wedding
Here is how wedding bags can be arranged during the wedding

During summertime, and in the hottest hours, your guests will not conceal that a bottle of water is what they need to cool off, likewise, ladies will greatly appreciate a small fan, excellent ally against the summer heat.

On the other hand, if we think about the colder months, you could delight your guests with a personalized box of chocolates and a heart-shaped hand warmer.

Regardless of the season, among the most chosen gadgets there are: the inevitable tissues for tears of joy, dry petals or rice to throw at the exit of the rite, heel protectors for ladies and soap bubbles to entertain your little guests.. (and not only!).

Now, you just have to give free rein to imagination, compose your bag and surprise friends and family!!

How to customise a wedding bag in a few simple steps

We reveal the steps of the preparation of the wedding bag for two of our spouses, Nicola and Giada.

1. Choice of design and gadgets

First of all, we chose together with the bride and groom, a small bag, made of white matte paper that would reflect the elegant style of their wedding. Subsequently, for the choice of gadgets we considered the seasonal factor, and being summer, they couldn’t miss: the water bottle, the fan and tissues for tears of joy.

2. Creating a custom logo for the bride and groom

The customization of the gadgets to be included in the bag contributes to increasing the aesthetic value of the event and above all, it is fundamental that it is in line with the design and represents the spouses. For their wedding, Nicola and Giada required a dress code on the shades of blue, so we decided to create a logo with their colors, their initials and the date of their wedding, the whole to be adapted to the gadgets of the bags.

3. How to create DIY gadgets for your wedding bag

Bottle of water: we took simple transparent water bottles on which we put a personalized label with the logo of the bride and groom, sticking it with some hot glue.

Tissues for tears of joy: we made packages of three tissues each, around which we tied a dusty blue ribbon with a square-shaped card on which we attached the sticker with the logo of the spouses.

Fan: great ally for the ladies against the summer heat, we chose together one in white color with wooden handle, and then, we closed it with a dusty blue ribbon and a bow to make it even more graceful.

The guests really appreciated these small gifts and every detail, even the simplest, helped to increase the value of the ceremony, making it even more enjoyable and special.

Would you like to make a wedding bag that is perfect and in line with your wedding?
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