Our tips on how to become a wedding planner

Nov 28, 2022 | Blog, Real Weddings, Weddings in tuscany

Wedding planners are born! Yes, because this profession often stems from a passion for organising events and weddings. If you want to become a wedding planner or event organiser, passion will not be enough but you will need knowledge, strategy and a lot of sacrifice. Discover our tips for those who want to pursue a career as a wedding planner in Italy.

Get advice from Aries Weddings & Events on how to become a wedding planner
Chiara and Silvia of Aries Weddings & Events with the bride and groom of the winning wedding in the sixth episode of Quattro Matrimoni

First rule: get involved

We won the sixth episode of “Four Weddings” by organizing the wedding of former skating champion Giada Cavataio and personal trainer Nicola Bertoli.

It was one of the most fun and exciting professional experiences at the same time. We took up the challenge and got involved to make our spouses happy, and we have achieved our goal: realize the wedding just as they had always dreamed of, making it the most beautiful wedding of the episode.

The wedding we organized for Giada and Nicola was awarded by “Four Weddings” for the elegance and attention to detail of the event. It was a huge recognition for us being in charge as wedding planners and coordinators, not only of the success of the event, but first of all of the details of the wedding: from the preparation of the civil ceremony to the reception, until the cake cut. 

To learn more about the victory at ‘Quattro Matrimoni’ and discover more details about our activity, you can read the article dedicated to us by Notizie di Prato, the online editorial of the city of Prato.

Aries Weddings & Events: a project for the territory

From here comes our project aimed at our territory because we are firmly convinced that with our work we can bring added value to the local economy. This is one of the reasons why we wanted to become wedding planners.

Would you like to know more about our business idea? In this article from the Corriere Fiorentino you will find an interview with us about our project.

After this very short parenthesis, it is now time to answer one of the most frequently asked questions we receive every day: “How do you become a wedding planner? “

Silvia Chiti and Chiara Detti wedding and event planners and coordinators in Prato and Tuscany
Silvia Chiti and Chiara Detti wedding and event planners and coordinators in Prato

We know that in Italy the professional figure of the wedding and event planner is not as recognized as in foreign countries. The main problem is the lack of knowledge of the services that the professional can offer, but above all of the advantages that every customer can enjoy relying on a wedding planner.

The fundamental features of the wedding planner

Unfortunately, in Italy, there are still some “pseudo wedding planners” who call themselves such, but they are only organizers of improvised events and often, they do not have the skills required by our profession. 

First of all, remember that “organizers you are born”. All of you aspiring wedding planners or event planners must be creative, empathetic, problem-solving and organizational people. These are the fundamental characteristics to be able to undertake this working path, without which you would not be able to manage the relationships with your customers and suppliers. 

Training to become a wedding planner

In order to become a true professional in the weddings & events industry, you need to attend some specialised training courses in wedding planning, wedding design, wedding coordination or event planning, which will give you valid certificates.

After completing the training course, we recommend you to contact an accountant who will help you find the VAT number that best suits your needs in order to start your business. 

Do not forget that being a wedding planner means staying up to date and being curious to keep up with the trends of this sector that are constantly evolving. 

That said, we remain at your disposal for any further questions or curiosity about becoming a wedding planner. Write to us and we will be happy to help you.

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